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If you're in need of high-quality safety cutters, utility knives, box cutters and more, there's no better company to turn to than Safecutters, Inc. Our online knife store boasts a large selection of knives, replacement blades and equipment to choose from. Shop our brand-name knife collection today.

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Checkout full range of Easy Cut 2000 box cutter series carry many features plus including Easy Cut 1000 series features as well.Easy cut 2000 have a stylish and contemporary design which is a unique and safest feature of the tool. This design helps to reduce 90% chance of cuts and product damages. Checkout complete ranges with the beautiful vibrant colors: Red and Yellow and with stainless ...

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Easy Cut™ 3000 Utility Knife. Labelmaster's Easy Cut™ 3000 Utility Knives are ideal when you need a safe, quick way to open boxes without accidentally damaging their contents. These have an easy-to-squeeze trigger that activates a self-retracting blade. They also have three blade depth settings for precise opening of different types of ...

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Safety Knives: You will find a safety-inspired knife and cutter for any application, whether you are opening boxes, bags or pallets. These unique and highly-functional cutters will make any workplace safer giving you a positive return on the investment. Box Cutters: Virtually every business

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Further cutting tools from the MARTOR range include utility knives, scrapers, deburring cutters, graphic cutters and scalpels. The Solingen knife company has a wide range of high-quality utility blades available for all of its cutting tools: trapezoid blades, hook blades, industrial blades, scraper blades, deburring blades, graphic blades, scalpel blades etc.

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SECUMAX 150. $1.90. NO:150001.12. - Fully automatic retractable blade for safety. - Ergonomically friendly trigger mechanism to engage the blade. - Durable body made of aluminum with soft touch rubber for grip. - Safer alternative to fixed blade utility knives for general cutting tasks. - Easy…

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The Easy Cut 2000 is the box cutter for you! View All Contact Us . Stops 90% of products damage & injuries Buy Now . Stops 90% of product Over 30 million Sold Over 25 million Users a Day 3x Longer Lasting Blades Wholesale Supplier . Leading the market in Safety Knives & Box Cutters for over 38 years View All Contact Us . Safety Knives ...

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The future is here now. Adco Industries has developed bladeless box opening Technology. That's right. A Safety Knife Without a Blade. To learn more and experience blade-less cutting call Toll Free 1-800-527-4609 and ask for the Engineering Department.

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NO. 121001. It's all easy. It's all safe. The SECUMAX EASYSAFE convince with its special features. The prominent and pointed nose of the cutting tool easily pierces plastic sacks and film-wrapped pallets. The concealed blade easily cuts the sacks and film. An integrated material guide makes it easier to cut thin film and paper sheets; even ... - Safety Knives and Cutters to Reduce ...

Olo Carton Cutter – Designed for removing box tops – Box top ergonomic safety cutter – J201B OLO-CACT. Olo. Rated 3.50 out of 5 $ 29.92 $ 19.49. Company Information. Michigan Safety Products of Flint, Inc. 8640 Commerce Court Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Phone: 231-439-5550. Fax: 231-439-5557.

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In broad terms, safety cutters are any type of cutting tool that include safety features. At Slice ®, the Safety Cutter is a specific product with a unique mouse-like shape and comfortable feel, and a micro-ceramic blade designed to cut thin materials while safeguarding the user against injuries.

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21-11-2019· Easy Cut 2000 (SC-9701) $ 8.49. Easy to Squeeze trigger made for safety and comfort. Control blade extension with Adjustable Blade Depth. Edge Guides for easy cutting. Holster/Lanyard for easy transportation. Blunt tip Blade to minimize accidents. Replacement Blades Available in Dispensers of 81 blades (SC-9701-B)

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Easy Cut 5000 Safety Knife. An inexpensive and easy to use safety knife, peace of mind knowing that your product will be left damage FREE! The Easy Cut 5000 series safety cutters have the added benefit of an Auto retractable blade on loss of contact with the cutting surface.

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Easycut 1000 Blue Safety Box Cutter; 1 each FREE Shipping for Any Qty- EASY CUT. $9.65. Trending at $10.99. Easy Cut 1000 ORANGE Safety Box Cutter Knife--2 blades Holster & Lanyard Easycut. $9.99. Trending at $11.20. Easycut 1000 YELLOW Safety Box Cutter; 1 each FREE Shipping for Any Qty EASY CUT. $9.65. Trending at $12.67.

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15-03-2019· Safe, convenient, and simple, it provides everything Slice stands for while also offering an easy, mid-sized solution for all your box (and whatever else) cutting needs. You may also like to check our guide to the best utility knives for more great products like this.

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15-10-2017· These types of box cutters are easy to use and help make maintenance of your box cutter blades convenient and safe. 2. Change old, dull, and rusty blades. Not all blades come in stainless steel material, so old blades tend to rust, especially in warm and high humidity climates.

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Item Number : 50415-01-00. Easy Cut Safety Box Cutter. See More Images. Other Suggested Products. Easy Cut Replacement Blades. Price: QTY. Add To Cart. Spellbound Lizard Safety Utility Knife.

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25-07-2019· Box Cutter Basics. First, let's just start with the simple stuff. We often use box cutters at our craft workshops. We often drink wine at those workshops. That can be a recipe for disaster! Box cutters can be more dangerous that you think so mixing in alcohol is a bad idea.

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Knife Safety Tips. With box cutters and utility knives being so common and easy to use, some people make the mistake of thinking that they are completely safe to use. Even using a so-called "safety knife" has some risk if the safety knife is used incorrectly. Therefore it is very important to follow safe knife handling procedures at all times.

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USA Best 'Safety Box Cutter' that is loved by Thousands! Easy Cut Online is an authorized dealer of 'Easy cut box cutter'. We carry full range of Box cutters and Safety Box Cutter collection. Patented technology virtually stops all cutter-related injuries! Make your own brand or order box …

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15-03-2019· Safe, convenient, and simple, it provides everything Slice stands for while also offering an easy, mid-sized solution for all your box (and whatever else) cutting needs. You may also like to check our guide to the best utility knives for more great products like this.

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20-04-2014· The retractable, easy-to-replace blade of a box cutter or utility knife is the perfect tool for cutting through packages, zip ties, duct tape and many other materials. Being that they use actual razors blades, however, there's always the possibility of injury when employees use a box cutter or utility knife.