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Main hub for trading in the Silver viper server.Also one of the most active cities. 1 Description 2 Basic functions 3 Merchants 4 Life Skill Masters 5 Missions 6 Daily tasks 7 Resources 8 Hunting targets 9 Treasure boxes Click here to see the list of daily tasks in Chengdu. Click here to see the list of resources in Chengdu. Click here to see the list of hunting targets in Chengdu and their ...

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8 schools, thousands of martial arts, airborne combat and more! Experience the authentic life of Jianghu heroes in Age of Wushu! Developed by Ace team of Snail games USA, Age of Wushu is an Exotic MMORPG which provides natural realistic graphics, unique QingKung battle, strategic Feint-Overt-Block combat system, guild assassination and team Jianghu adventure!

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The Wending Wood stone puzzle is an optional puzzle in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. 1 Acquisition 2 Walkthrough 2.1 First solution 2.2 Second solution 3 Rewards While traveling through Wending Wood, near the granite deposit, you will discover the corpse of a scholar …

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All accounts if they are online between 22:00 and 23:00 get a gift box with 10 Western Freak Tendon Pills at 10,000 Cultivation Point conversion each for a total of 100,000. (It is important to make sure you open this box immediately. I had one box disappear overnight.) This …

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Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded during the year 2000, becoming one of the earliest enterprises to develop 3D digital technology.

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31-12-2019· Age of Wulin Mini Instances Guide by v2seraphAlso known as ?Tguan? or ?TG?, are a series of mini instances located around the game world. There are 27 accessible mini instances thus far, each have a set of bosses with different background story.

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Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was founded during the year 2000, becoming one of the earliest enterprises to develop 3D digital technology.

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1 Basic functions 2 Merchants 3 Life skill masters 4 Missions 5 Daily tasks 6 Resources 6.1 Fish 6.2 Beasts 6.3 Misc. 7 Treasure boxes Click here to see the list of daily tasks in Yanyu Villa. Bass Carp Black Arowana Black Carp Bowfin Fish Bream Butterfish Chinese False Gudgeon Dace Freshwater Shrimp Green Pike Loach Long-body Bream Mud Loach Rice Field Eel Shrimp Small Yellow Croaker …

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April 10–24, 2013. Details: Do whatever you want in Age of Wushu! Remain online long enough to improve your rewards, including prized Jianghu Tokens! Redeem Jianghu Tokens at a local city's Event Ambassador NPC in batches of 7, 14, or 21 to receive gift packs.

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Age of Wushu is one of the best games I've played in a long time. I've spent 100s of hours and haven't even come close to trying everything out the game has to offer. Sure Wushu does contain bits of grinding/waiting but that is mitigated by the fact you always have something new to try or another choice to make or skill set to master.

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16-04-2013· Age of Wushu Gift Pack Giveaway. By Greg Henninger 16 April 2013. Grab your free gift! Comments; Age of Wushu is a new martial arts themed MMORPG directly from China's Snail Games.

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Age of Wushu is a new martial arts-themed MMORPG directly from China's Snail Games Entertainment. Also known as Age of Wulin and published by Gala-Net in Europe, the game covers 2,000 years of ...

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Example : GoldRated Weapons require "Chopping Block" to manufactured. ~ Where can i get Recipes...? ~there is beginner recipes can be bought at crafting master. ~you can also get better rate recipes at instance, Box(copper,silver,gift) ~sometimes "random encounter" quest will give rare recipes as reward. for completing quest.

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We regret to inform you that the Age of Wulin service is no longer available via from July 11th, 2017. Publishing rights have been transferred back to Snail Games US where you can still enjoy the vast and vibrant worlds of Age of Wulin/Wushu. The Age of Wulin team would like to thank all of our players for the love and support to

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Click here to see (or to contribute to) the list of treasure boxes in Qiandeng Town. Retrieved from " " Categories :