How To Sew A Box Cushion (With Piping and a Zipper)

Jan 14, 2021· You can make box cushions with or without piping, but piping does help to define the edges. If you choose to go without, you can skip this step. 1. Pin the piping to the right side of the top and bottom fabric pieces so that the raw edge of the fabric is even with the raw edge of the piping. 2. Use the basting stitch on your machine (usually ...

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Nov 16, 2019· The secret to these box cushions is that they don't actually have any boxing. Instead, they have an envelope style closure, but that also means no zipper (yay!). To create the envelope for your cushions, you need to cut three fabric panels: the top panel and two bottom panels which will overlap on the bottom of the cushion.

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Box cushions are a standard sewing skill because these cushions are useful in so many places around both your home and boat. You can sew up box cushions for window seats, benches, banquettes, patio sets, cockpit cushions and more! To make these projects even easier, this video showcases a quick, simple-sew box cushion …

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Join us as we make this easy box cushion. We're making our vinyl cushion with EverSoft™ vinyl upholstery fabric. EverSoft is a four-way stretch vinyl with an incredibly soft hand. It will add style and luxury to any space. We're adding a panel of EverSoft™ Channeling Fabric to the cushion top to give the cushion some added style, interest ...

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Box cushions are commonly found on couches or armchairs, and are used in many other applications like window seats, benches, outdoor seating or even dog beds. They are a simple upholstery project that you can easily customize. In this tutorial, I'll be giving a mid-century modern chair a new look by replacing the cushions.

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Apr 02, 2021· To make cushions, start by cutting 4 inch thick upholstery to the size of the seat. Then, cut 2 panels of fabric for the top and bottom pieces, with about 1 inch of extra fabric for the seam. Measure the length and width of the panel and add these numbers together, multiplying by 2 to get the perimeter of the cushion.

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Jul 29, 2018· If you are a beginner sewer and new to to making a cushion cover I think you will appreciate her easy to follow step-by-step tutorials broken down into 10 videos. Kim's Upholstery tutorial is a short video showing how she assembles the pieces for a box cushion. Her speedy method is commonly used in professional workrooms.

How to make a bench seat cushion with box corners

Inside: How to make a custom bench seat cushion with box corners for a really polished look. It's no secret that custom upholstery can be really pricey. That's why, when it comes to projects like how to make a bench seat cushion, it's usually worth your time to make your own. Making your own bench seat cushion is probably a lot easier than you might think and will get you the exact look you ...

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Jan 13, 2012· 2. If you have a serger, serge the edges of the fabric before sewing together to prevent fraying. 3. On cushions, the top of the pattern should start at the back of the cushion and go down to the bottom of the boxing. The boxing on the sides and back should be oriented the same direction as the boxing on the front. 4.

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Once you've chosen your , you'll want to utilize the Sailrite ® Fabric Calculator to make your 30-minute box corner cushion. This handy tool will give you the exact amount of fabric needed to cover your cushion . Depending on the size of your cushion, you can play with the orientation of your fabric on the calculator so that you ...

Enjoy making boxed cushions for indoors and out.

Making Boxed Cushions - The Steps There are a couple of different ways to make these cushions and the main difference is the way the gusset or welt is sewn in. When sewing the seams try to have the gusset on the underside and stretch this slightly while sewing.

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Box cushions are a great sewing skill to learn because they are so versatile. You can use a box cushion for a swing like this, a chair, a bench, or even as a stadium cushion. Once you know the basic principles for making a box cushion, you can adapt those skills to make a cushion of any size!

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Nov 21, 2019· Making a bench cushion without zippers or Velcro can be done in the space of an afternoon or evening. This method insures a crisp, sturdy cushion cover that's easily removable for cleaning. Assemble the items needed. These are listed...

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This cushion tutorial is awesome and trust the guys from Sailright Industrial Sewing Machines to really make such a well thought out professional tutorial. The Sailright Machines are some of the best in the business and used by professionals the world over. How To Make A Box Cushion In 30 Minutes

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Box Cushion Cover Math. Before you get started with your new box cushion cover you will need to do some math to figure out what size pieces you will need to cut. Measure and make a note of the width (W), depth (D) and thickness (T) of your cushion. For this tutorial I am assuming that the zipper will run along your width measurement.

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Aug 26, 2015· A box-edge cushion has a wide panel (called a gusset) between the top and bottom of the cushion to accommodate a piece of , which results in a thick, comfy, and tailored cushion. It is a versatile design that can be used for both seat cushions and against a backrest.

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Sep 08, 2018· Part 2: The Cushion Cover To Make The Cushion Cover, You'll Need: Fabric-Enough of it to cover your cushion, and maybe a little extra to make you feel better about life.I purchased one yard for my 25 1/2″ by 15″ cushion. The fabric I used in my cushion was Joann Fabric's Signature Suade in Wine.; Velcro- You'll need a strip almost the entire length of your cushion for opening/closing ...