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04-12-2012· The makeover wouldn't be complete without a new box cushion cover for the seat. Years ago when I first bought the chair, I had a cushion cover made for it with fabric that coordinated with our bedroom at the time (it was twenty years ago).

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16-11-2019· Now that your box cushion covers are done, you'll want to add some batting. This fills the cushion out, gives it a more finished look and helps reduce wear on the covers. For a more rounded cushion, add batting to all sides. For crisper, boxier, edges, only add batting to the top and bottom.

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Box Cushion Cover Math. Before you get started with your new box cushion cover you will need to do some math to figure out what size pieces you will need to cut. Measure and make a note of the width (W), depth (D) and thickness (T) of your cushion. For this tutorial I am assuming that the zipper will run along your width measurement.

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Are you looking for a quick and easy DIY that you'll use time and time again? Well you're in luck. In our detailed tutorial, we're going to show you how to make a gorgeous and functional box corner cushion. The best part about this cushion tutorial is that it should only take about 30 minutes!

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08-09-2018· We're going to have two main pieces of fabric here: the top "plate" that covers the top and sides of the cushion, and the bottom "plate" that covers the bottom of the cushion. Ultimately, we'll sew those two things together to create our cover…

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My husband and I have the most gorgeous window seat in our new home on the Texas Hill Country and we really needed a box cushion in just the right fabric to fit into that window seat space in a custom way. I was so excited when I found this video tutorial on how to make a box cushion in thirty minutes. I'm not an expert seamstress but the way the construction of this cushion is described it ...

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29-07-2018· Practice a bit and have fun! You will be whipping out good fitting covers in no time. Sailrite's video tutorial demonstrates how to use existing cushion covers as a pattern to make new covers. It walks you through how-to measure, cut and sew a cover for a T-shape box cushion and a partial box back cushion with cording and zipper opening.

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24-10-2012· The only thing I really cared about for this window seat cushion was 1) straight clean seams in the front and 2) a cover that could be removed for washing since this study is a kid space. I settled on a simple knife edge box cushion cover, one without any piping or even a zipper.

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22-03-2016· Tutorial Tuesday: Box cushion cover. Hi stitching fans! ... You can now treat this as one unit, and sew it onto the main body of the cushion cover in the gap you've got left – you'll need to sew it right sides together all the way around, with a half inch seam allowance.

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Zipper casing (1 pc): Add 8" to your width (W) and add 3" to your thickness (T) measurements. Boxing (1 pc): Calculate the total circumference (C) of your cushion and subtract the cut length of your zipper casing determined above and add 1". Add 1" to your thickness (T) measurement.

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14-02-2014· How to Make a Basic Box Cushion. You may not know this but I was a seamstress long before I was a draftsman or DIYer. I made most of my clothes in high school, as well as most of my kids clothes before they decided that it was uncool to have Mom make their clothes!

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14-01-2021· If you have cushions that already have covers on them, the easiest thing to do is use the existing cushion cover as a pattern for your new cushion covers. 1. To reclaim the pattern, carefully take the old box cushion cover apart using a seam ripper.

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29-07-2018· Hello DIY slipcover makers! Today I want to share a few good resources for making your own box cushion covers. I know the thought of measuring, cutting and assembling all of those pieces — top, bottom, boxing panel, welt cord and, ugh, the dreaded zipper panel — stops you in your tracks.

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You can sew up box cushions for window seats, benches, banquettes, patio sets, cockpit cushions and more! To make these projects even easier, this video showcases a quick, simple-sew box cushion technique that will help you create a cushion in under an hour. Our box cushion has no piping, which makes it …

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DIY Box Cushion Water-Resistant Pet Bed Cover. This DIY box cushion pet bed cover is water-resistant, removable, and washable. Great for puppy training, senior dogs, and just general mess. Not only does it look great, but it was an absolute bargain thanks to some upcyling and repurposed materials.

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15-05-2013· Fabric Love | DIY Box Cushion Cover by Jennifer Leave a Comment You might remember this post from March where I shared some of my favorite fabric pairings with you and also told you that I was using the Duralee Kilburn and Dwell Vintage Plumes fabrics on a mudroom bench makeover for an old high school friend.