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Jul 12, 2018· Keyboards and some direct boxes like an Avalon U5 can give you line level or close to it. Electric Guitars and Keyboard signals will almost always be hotter than mic levels. Having an XLR cable does NOT automatically make it mic level as Chris suggests.

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DI boxes which require a power source (batteries or phantom power) are called active DI boxes. A DI unit (direct input) is an electronic device typically used in recording studios and in sound reinforcement systems to connect a high- output impedance, line level, unbalanced output signal to a low-impedance, microphone level, balanced input ...

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StageBug SB-2. Compact Passive DI. The StageBug SB-2 is a compact passive direct box that is perfect for active basses and keyboards, is small enough to fit inside an instrument case, and features a stereo to mono mix function to save mixer channels. Part no: Part no: View Product. View Product.

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Running a keyboard via a DI box has a number of other useful benefits. For example, some very early electronic and electric keyboards do work better into the very high input impedances (ie. well over 100kΩ) that a DI box provides, rather than the 10kΩ or so impedance of a standard line‑level input. Another consideration is that most studios ...

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Jan 05, 2011· rochester, NY. a DI is used to plug in a line level high impedance signal into a mic level low-impedance input. Line level for pro audio gear in the US is generally +4db and mic level is much less. So a passive DI will only decrease your signal level. An active DI has a pre-amp and can provide gain.

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There are many more Keyboard Shortcuts, which can be found by looking under HELP and then under Shortcut keys or Keyboard Shortcuts, in the respective applications. Note: Throughout this document you will see references to pressing more than one key at a time for example (Ctrl + C ) to copy text.

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Apr 11, 2011· Posted April 7, 2011. I agree that you may not need a DI. If you mix yourselves from stage or very near stage, as is often typical in smaller clubs, and you've got 'line in' channels on your mixer, I don't see a need for a DI. If you're being mixed from FOH, with longer cable runs, use DI's. Link to post.

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40 80 120. A piece of kit that is always useful in both a live sound and recording situation is the direct box. They have a variety of uses and come in a wide variety of configurations. Direct boxes convert a high-impedance, unbalanced output signal into to a low-impedance balanced input.

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A direct box, or simply DI, is a device typically used to connect an unbalanced output signal (Guitar,Keyboard etc) to a low-impedance microphone level balanced input, usually via XLR ...into a PA system. D. Partridge. Answered on Feb 20, 2015.

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The Radial ProD8 is a high performance 8-channel passive direct box optimized for keyboard rigs in professional touring. Key-Largo Resources Part no: R800 1427 00

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Dec 07, 2020· For keyboard players, having a direct box (or two – or a multi-channel box - if you intend to send a stereo signal) in your kit is essential. You may think that the venue will have direct boxes, but many do not. Best to carry them, lest you find yourself cut out of the show entirely.

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Mar 01, 2016· What Is a DI Box? Born out of necessity in studios such as Motown and United Sound Systems to accommodate the electric instruments emerging in the 1960s, direct boxes (also known as DIs, which stands for "Direct Inject") began as a way to resolve a basic impedance mismatch between electrodynamic guitar pickups and sensitive studio electronics.. Although many modern DIs are far …

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Jan 23, 2021· Fishman ToneDEQ AFX Preamp EQ and DI Box with Dual FX. $319.95. 4 x. $79.99. Used $274.95. FREE Delivery by Sunday. Stabilize your signal and connect a wide range of sources to balanced inputs with a direct box. No studio or venue should be without a few DIs in its collection Call our Gear Experts now for help with your purchase: 800-460-8089.

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Whirlwind pcDI 2-channel Passive A/V Direct Box. Direct Box with 1/8" and RCA Inputs, XLR Outputs, Ground Lift, 20dB Pad, and Stereo/Mono Switch. $150.00. Or $5.00/month§ with. 36 mo. financing* i. Demo available for $135.00. Rated 4.5/5 Stars.

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Direct boxes aren't just for guitarists, either. Check out the Radial Engineering J33 RIAA Turntable Preamp Direct Box for instance: it's got an internal preamp that lets you play vinyl LPs through pro-grade mic preamps or mixing consoles.

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Nov 27, 2019· Direct boxes divide themselves into two families, Clan Active and Clan Passive (which cannot die). A short history of the direct box (DI) ... For example, when a ground path is made at the input side of the DI (from a keyboard for example), the ground-lift switch disconnects the ground path at the output (XLR) side.

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Direct boxes are often referred to as " DI " boxes. This stands for "Direct Injection" as their main purpose is to convert unbalanced and/or high impedance instrument signals into a format suitable for direct connection to a mixing console's mic input - without the use of a microphone.

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Apr 10, 2013· Active direct boxes are signal preamplifiers that draw very little current from the instrument and because of their higher input impedance, tend to have more reach and sparkle. The high input impedance results in less loading on the pickup, an effect that can cause passive pickups, as found on vintage basses and electric guitars, to sound thinner.

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Throw a decent stereo direct box in line and you'll be able to enjoy a fuller dynamic range from your keyboard instruments. For a small investment in a DI box you'll get a much improved and more predictable response from your board when tracking in your …