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Jan 28, 2012· If you've made it here, chances are you're looking for a less-frustrating way to navigate the labyrinth that is the Moltara Dark Cave. Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, or what this page is for, let's have a recap. Introduction to Moltara Discovered Year-11, Moltara is a lava-oozing city of gears, metal, and precious gems.

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This small island off the southern coast of Mystery Island is inhabited by pirates. Visit Krawk Island for exciting games, buried treasure, a great restaurant, and a swashbuckling academy! Neopia's moon! This giant chunk of space rock is where Dr. Sloth originally found the Grundos, and some of …

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Box of Skull Truffles 150 NP; Buzz Lamp 7,550 NP; Devilpuss 900 NP; Halloween Ixi Plushie 600 NP; Halloween Kyrii Plushie 790 NP; Halloween Safety Procedures 3,800 NP; Haunted Brucicle 1,000 NP; Haunted Woods Violin 100 NP; How to Frost Cookies 56,500 NP; Howling Axe 390 NP; Lampwyck had a little Lamp 197,000 NP; Lava Burger 10,800 NP; Meepit ...

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Categories. Furniture - This is the official type for this item on Neopets. Lunar Temple - This is an item that you can only win by playing the Lunar Temple. Neohomes 2.0 - …

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$10 Neocash Card: 012150088 (Gaming section) $15 PetPet Park Exclusive Neocash Card: 276020005 (Gaming section) $25 Neocash Card: 012150091 (Gaming section)

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Neopets Castle Battles is a very simple game where you will be playing as a young King Hangan, and your main objective will be to destroy your enemy, young King Skarl's castle in order to succeed. You will have to destroy his castle in order to grab his treasure before he is able to get…Read more Neopets Castle Battles ›

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However, you can put them in your Saftey Deposit Box or your Gallery. The Halloween Goodie Bags are in a box separated from your inventory (scroll all the way down in your inventory to see them), so no Random Events (such as the Pant Devil or the Grundo Leader) can harm them.

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Gift Box Mystery Capsule - This mystery capsule awards gift boxes, and was usually on sale for a short period of time. Neocash Item - This item was either sold in the NC Mall, obtained from an NC event, or came from another NC item. Special - This is the official type for this item on Neopets. Inside This Item

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Jun 16, 2014· Kick off the weekend with the all new Rainbow Watercolour Gift Box Mystery Capsule! Open this capsule and receive one item worth 150 NC (or more) along with at least two Basic Gift Boxes! Additionally, you have a chance at a limited edition gift box bonus item! See you at the NC Mall!

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1,500 NC. Add to cart. Green NeoBoard Pen. 300 NC. Add to cart. Shenanigifts Invitation 10-Pack. 900 NC. Add to cart. Wearable NC items cannot be applied to unconverted Neopets or the following painted Neopet body types: Maraquan, mutant, baby, invisible, and …

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In November 2008, Neopets released NC-related "gift boxes" that (finally!) made it possible to send NC wearables to other users and side accounts. Gift boxes have now become a means of currency in NC trading. A classic Basic Gift Box. WHAT ARE GIFT BOXES AND GIFT BOX CAPSULES? Gift boxes are the single, plain boxes (like the…Read more NC Gift Boxes and Gift Box Capsules Guide ›

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To trade an NC item you need a gift box that you receive when redeeming NC cards, opening Gift Box Capsules or other events. To read more about trading Neocash items check out the Jellyneo guide. If you're trading NC items, here are a couple guides to help you out with values and avoid being scammed: ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN THESE WERE ...

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Nov 13, 2019· Neopets' 20th Birthday. On November 15th, 2019, Neopets is celebrating its 20th Birthday. This page shows some of the items and activities available to celebrate. Hannah, with the help of Kanrik, leads you with a series of riddles to hunt for Time Capsules hidden all over Neopia - one for each year. The capsules power up the crystal on the table.

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Mar 19, 2014· The NC Gift Boxes guarantee you at least one mystery box, but you have the chance of receiving more than that! Here is the current list of Neopets Gift Boxes that have been released in the past: 3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Altador Cup Sling Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Autumn Leaf Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

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Jun 30, 2020· Categories. Luxury Sky Box Lounge - This item was given out during the Luxury Sky Box Lounge NC event in Altador Cup XV. Neocash Item - This item was either sold in the NC Mall, obtained from an NC event, or came from another NC item. Special - This is the official type for this item on Neopets. Wearable - This item can be worn by Neopets.

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Apr 21, 2021· Users could use the grams to send birthday-themed items to friends (or themselves) without needing a Gift Box. The Great Capsule Adventure Continues: The Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues was a Capsule Adventure launched in September of 2010. Five world-themed capsules were released. Bonuses were available to users who purchased all ...

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It was possible to get both a normal Gift Box and the bonus Gift Box when opening a capsule, it was also possible to open 10 capsules and receive all other kinds of NC items, but no Gift Box at all. However, the newly released Gift Box capsules do give out at least one Gift Box (and possibly more) for each capsule opened.

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Released on July 22, 2010. This capsule will award one or more items with a total value of at least 200 NC, between one and four Basic Gift Boxes, and a chance at receiving the following limited edition gift box: 3rd Birthday Gift Box. Altador Cup Scroll Gift Box Mystery Capsule…

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In general, you will find junk at the Rubbish Dump. From time to time, certain rare items like codestones and paintbrushes do appear. While you can find all sorts of items hiding away in the rubbish, here is a list of 13 exclusive items that can only be found there. Old Paper and Apple Core are very rare and valuable. Old Croutons. Meridell Gravy.

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Almost a year after the NC Mall opening, Neopets away gave a free 150 Neocash for all accounts to redeem. This was later replaced by the NC Mall Welcome Gift. NC Mall Welcome Gift: This replaced the 150 free Neocash. At the moment, it gives out a free mystery capsule. Mystery capsules give you random items when you open them. 150 free NC

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Rare item codes come from Neopets Merchandise such as stickers. You can also get them as a bonus from opening some Mystery Capsule from the NC Mall. Not all capsules have this possibility, read their description to see if they mention Virtual Prize Codes. Getting one of these codes from a capsule is very rare to happen though.