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Safety Knives: You will find a safety-inspired knife and cutter for any application, whether you are opening boxes, bags or pallets. These unique and highly-functional cutters will make any workplace safer giving you a positive return on the investment. Box Cutters: Virtually every business

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A box cutter, also known as a utility knife, is a common tool found in the modern workplace. While it's primary function is to cut and open boxes, it's also used for other applications, such as cutting plastic string, stripping materials, creating precision cuts, and more. Like all cutting instruments, however, caution is needed when using a box cutter to prevent injury.Use a Sharp BladeDon ...

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BOX CUTTER SAFETY 101 pay attention to sharp new blades and protect yourself over U.S. hospital visits per year are due to hand injuries from dangerous blades' expose only enough blade to cut your material using more blade than necessary leads to injuries and damaged merchandise ignore distractions and cut deliberately

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16-03-2017· Butcher Safety. Butchers prepare a variety of meat products, but safety needs to be the number one ingredient behind the meat counter. When moving boxes of cut meats and carcasses, use proper handling techniques to prevent strains and sprains. Use carts and other lifting devices for heavy items. Lift with the legs while keeping your back straight.

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29-05-2004· Employee #1 continued to pull forcefully on the cutter, when the blade type box cutter broke free from the box. The box cutter struck her left wrist and forearm. Employee #1 was transported to General Hospital of Los Angeles, California, where she received medical treatment to repair the median nerve in her left forearm. The contributing factor of the incident was a lack of training on the safe work practices for utilizing the blade type box cutter.

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CUTTERS. Box cutters are great for slicing through bulky materials quickly and easily. But they can also pose a hazard if the proper safety rules aren't followed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than $300 million is spent for hand lacerations each year. HERE ARE SOME SAFETY TIPS FROM EHS (ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY):

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Safety Knives for Cutting Boxes and Cartons. The most common use of knives in the workplace is opening boxes. A simple task, yet one slip from a dull box cutter blade can send a knife off-track and into the flesh of the user causing a significant injury.

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Using a Safety Blade Box Cutter Is Vital to Business Scissors aren't fit to handle all cutting tasks, which is why a box cutter is crucial for many tool kits. Opening boxes and packages seems simple, so many people don't give a lot of thought to the correct use of their tool or to the possibility of box cutter injuries.

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Box cutter safety tips come in handy when you have to train new employees working for you or when you use them at home. According to the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA), there's more cutting incidents at the workplace than reported.

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By following a few simple safety rules, anyone can learn to safely operate a box cutter and avoid injuries and damaging the products being opened. The best way to avoid an accident is to know your tool and the proper way to handle it. When using a box cutter, keep the following items in mind. Tip 1: Always keep

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20-04-2014· Box Cutter And Utility Knife Safety 101 Box cutters and utility knives are used in a wide variety of workplace settings. From industrial factories and construction sites to offices and restaurants, nearly every professional industry uses them.


around the cutting area Defective box cutters must be tagged and removed from service Clean and put away PPE Let your supervisor know of any safety concerns and damage to the cutter Speak up! If you see a hazard, let a supervisor know. Everyone plays a role in your safety and health.

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For more information on OSHA recordable injuries, including box cutter injuries, visit . Or you could avoid all of this paperwork and utilize the Klever Safety knives found by clicking the yellow logo here. Click here and order a sample today.

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01-05-2009· A safety cutter with a permanent safety guard will protect the employee from injury because, in the box-opening position, the blade is not exposed. The guard also acts as a guide to properly position the cutter, protecting the user from injury and …


BOX CUTTER SAFETY EHS Safety Sheet #4 Box cutters are great tools for slicing through bulky material quickly and easily. They are also versatile because the retractable blades allow you to modify the blade length depending on the thickness of the material being cut. In spite of their convenience, box cutters pose a hazard, since the blades are very

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For this article, we will cover the basics of OSHA recordable incidents, such as box cutter injuries. However, we encourage you to contact OSHA for answers to specific questions. The OSHA 300 Log is a listing of all injuries and illnesses at your jobsite. In most cases, unless otherwise exempted, the 300 Log is due upon OSHA inspection or ...

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shield when cutting any material that may shatter. (Also discuss your company policies regarding other PPE requirements that may be applicable to using a chop saw or miter saw at your job site - e.g.: gloves, hearing protection, hard hat, safety-toe footwear . . .).

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29-05-2004· Accident: 201058823 - Employee Lacerates Wrist With Box Cutter. On May 29, 2004, Employee #1 was working between Mold machines Number 7 and Number 8 on the production floor. Toward the end of the day, Employee #1 needed more pail handles. After placing the unopened box on a worktable, Employee #1 was cutting the top of the box with a box cutter ...

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According to the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA), there's more cutting incidents at the workplace than reported. In 2004, an employee in California had to deal with the horrific pain to her wrist and forearm because of a "slip" with a box cutter while working on the production line.